Top 10 Skype Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Skype Tips and Tricks

Skype is a great service that allows you to communicate with friends and family from anywhere in the world and it has some neat tricks up its sleeve too! Let’s take a look at ten of the best Skype tips and tricks, in no particular order. We’ll talk about how to send free SMS messages through Skype, send your location through Skype, and Skype, and how answer Skype calls with your voice on Android, just to name a few! Feel free to drop any of your favorite Skype tips or tricks in the comments below!

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Following are the tips and tricks of Skype:

1) Share Files

Transferring files is one of Skype’s most useful features, but it’s also one of its least known. For example, you can use it to send PDFs or Word documents to your contacts—great for contracts, agreement terms, etc. You can also use apps like Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive to send files in real-time, instead of having to email them. Apps that sync with your phone are another handy way to share files: if you have a large file (say a movie or video), transferring it via an app will make sure that it arrives with no hiccups.

2) Send Money

Whether you’re transferring money to your grandmother in Mexico or paying a contractor in Kenya, it’s easier than ever to send money around the world. Though there are still plenty of reasons to visit brick-and-mortar institutions, many services will accept payments via mobile apps such as PayPal and Square. If you need something even simpler, credit card companies like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express also offer digital wallets that allow people to pay for goods with their smartphones.

You can simply save your information once and use it as needed; transactions are done through an app that works on most smart devices—no cash required. To put some extra cashback in your pocket (or spend less), follow these tips.

3) Broadcast Messages

One of my favorite features is that I can quickly broadcast a message to all of my contacts. For example, let’s say I want to tell all of my friends about a party on Friday night. The good news is that with Skype you can do it in one click! When you click broadcast next to any contact, everyone in your list receives a message from you. What’s even better is that these messages don’t require anyone to sign in to their account – they get it as long as they have installed Skype on their computer. All together now – that’s awesome!

4) FaceTime Audio Calls

With Apple’s FaceTime, you can place an audio-only call to another iPhone user, or anyone else with FaceTime. It’s a great alternative to a regular phone call, especially if you have bad reception on your cell or don’t want to use up your data plan. (FaceTime Audio is free.) You can even group calls, multiple people, at once.

5) Group Video Calls

You can place a video call to multiple people at once. You’ll see each participant in a small thumbnail in your chat list. When you select that person, you can see his or her video feed in full-screen mode by clicking on it or dragging it to a separate monitor. If you want to speak privately with one person without cutting out others, simply drag that person’s video window into its window; other participants will still be able to hear audio from both of you.

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6) Call Landlines and Mobile Phones

You might not need to spend $5 per minute to call your grandmother back home. Using a service like Rebtel or Vonage, you can make calls to both landlines and mobile phones at much lower rates. Note that these services do charge fees, but calling internationally is often quite cheap (e.g., for only 99 cents you can make an 8-minute call from a U.S.-based telephone number anywhere in Europe).

Also, note that international rates apply only if both parties are using these providers; if you’re calling someone who doesn’t have one of these apps installed on their computer or Smartphone, then normal rates will apply (unless they happen to be using VoIP software like Viber).

7) Turn Skype into a Webcam

Whether you have a Mac or PC, it’s simple to get started using your camera for video conferencing. On Windows, download and install the free software Skype Extras, which adds webcams and other features to your Skype program.

Then, in Skype go to Tools > Options > Audio Settings > General. You’ll see a checkbox that says Turn off my camera when I’m not on a call. Select it and click OK. Once you turn off your camera while you’re not on a call, all of your incoming calls will automatically be routed through Microsoft’s servers as data rather than audio-based calls.

8) Use Skype as an Intercom

The main focus of Skype is video calling. But did you know that it can also be used as an intercom system? This can be especially handy if you’re away from home or have a business on a separate floor. To set up your Skype as an intercom, simply go to Tools > Options > Audio & Video, click Microphone, select the Use push-to-talk setting then click Save.

9) Connect To Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Have you ever wanted to receive calls or messages on your computer, tablet, and phone at once? Well, now you can. With one of Microsoft’s latest updates, it is possible to connect all your devices to one login. This makes it easier than ever to stay connected with family or friends while staying productive in your daily life.

To begin simultaneous connections open up a new chat on Skype from any device that is logged into your account. There will be an option on the chat label l no their device click here and choose which device you want to connect with. Once connected both devices will alert when someone sends a message or call through Skype and each device will vibrate so that you are never missing out when someone contacts you!

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10) Customize Your Background Video/Images

One of my favorites about Skype is that you can make your background whatever you want it to be, like an image or video file. To change your background, right-click on any space in your conversation window and select Change Background from the menu. From there, you can choose a new photo or video from your computer, or grab one from Bing. Of course, pictures make for a good background–but videos work great too!

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All major platforms support Skype including Android, iOS, macOS X, Windows (version 8 or higher), and Linux (32 bit32-bit4 bit64-bit downloads it for free, you just need to go to its website. Go there with your mobile device and follow their short tutorial. Learn about the latest updates of Skype to get more out of it. Keep your files organized and available on Google Play to better organize calls through playlists.


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