State Life Insurance: How to Choose the Best Policy

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State Life Insurance: How to Choose the Best Policy

State Life Insurance Calculator is also an app for state life insurance agents and policyholders to calculate estimated premiums and accruals. The purpose of this application is to avoid mistakes and simplify the daily calculation of life insurance.

State Life Insurance

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For your convenience, we have included six state life master plans, endowments, supplementary contracts like AIB, FIB, TIR, ADB, Shadabad, endowment, child education, marriage, child protection and life partner. Friends, there is always room for improvement. If you have a problem, account is wrong or has a suggestion, please report it to our support email address, we will take it seriously.

We now add many features, such as sharing with friends and colleagues, taking screenshots, sharing links, and a helpful page for consultations and comments. Like the previous version, you can know the medical requirements for the amount at risk. Plan details and requirements are also available.

We believe this will make a huge difference in the life of your life insurance agent. According to Abrar Iqbal, the first version had many mistakes and unprofessional approach. Now we consult professionals and create a useful tool for you. Abapars Iqbal may visit this page again, but if he comes we would like to thank him. Be happy and tell us about your mistakes so that we can improve ourselves and do the best for you.

State Life Insurance

Features of Government Life Insurance Calculator:

  • Endowment plan.
  • Chadabad Scheme.
  • Evergreen plan.
  • Children’s education and marriage plan.
  • Child Protection Plan.
  • Life partner plan.
  • Non-regressive (ND) scheme.
  • Family Income Benefits (FIB).
  • Benefits of Accident Compensation (AIB).
  • Accidental Death Benefits (ADB).
  • Term Insurance Rider (TIR).
  • Premium account.
  • Calculate the estimated sum.
  • Different installment payment methods.
  • Sharing accounts.
  • Support page.
  • Professional approach.
  • Professional contacts.
  • Find medical requirements.
  • Details of projects.
  • Good graphics.
  • Easy to use.

State Life Insurance

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App                                   Life Insurance Calculator.

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