MiWay Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

MiWay Insurance

MiWay Insurance has grown to become one of the leading direct insurance companies in South Africa since its establishment in 2006, and it only continues to grow stronger with each passing year. 


MiWay Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

This company was founded based on making insurance easy and affordable for its customers, so MiWay Insurance takes all the work out of buying short-term insurance policies by allowing you to buy policies online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your home to do it! Why not check out MiWay Insurance today? You won’t regret it!

What is an EMI?

An EMI is nothing but an interest charge on a loan. Your EMIs will automatically be deducted from your bank account in monthly installments. There is no need to worry about making regular trips to your bank or paying any maintenance or processing fees. At MiWay, we’ll take care of it all for you! So if you don’t have much cash up front, no problem. 


You can still protect yourself and your family with a short-term insurance policy from MiWay Insurance. We make sure that you never pay more than what you can afford. We offer various EMI options to choose from depending on your income and savings pattern. Choose an option that suits your budget, because getting protected should not break the bank!

Why buy a cover with MiWay Insurance?

South Africans spend on average 16.6% of their household income on insurance premiums, but a little understanding can go a long way. The first thing to understand is that health insurance, home insurance, and life insurance are all short-term types of coverage, each with its price point depending on your needs. If you’re looking for something affordable but comprehensive in terms of coverage, you could buy a combination of these policies instead of opting for one big package deal that covers everything.

Another popular option is to purchase separate types of policies through different companies (in fact, many health insurers are also life or home insurers). This allows you to spread your risk while ensuring each type of policy remains relevant to your specific need.


MiWay Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Where do I get my cover?

MiWay Insurance’s online platform allows you to buy your short-term insurance policy with one click. Simply choose your preferred brand, fill in a short form, and within minutes you’re good to go. MiWay insurance offers customers 24/7 access to their policies through an e-policy portal, giving cover for multiple forms of coverage including car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. 

You can also choose to set up reminders via SMS or email if you need to make regular payments or renew your policy! Whether it’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or even just for quick sales leads via direct mail brochures or magazine inserts – we have an answer for all your media requirements!

How do I make payments?

MiWay Insurance offers an easy and affordable way to purchase your short-term insurance policy. You can do so online in just a few simple steps: (1) choose your type of policy, (2) enter your details and make a down payment, (3) complete your profile, and (4) apply for optional extra coverages such as Holiday Cancellation or Identity Theft Protection. 

This approach eliminates human interaction and paperwork while making MiWay’s premium rates even more affordable. Once you are enrolled in one of our policies you will have 24/7 access to claims services should you need them. As always, if you have any questions about purchasing a policy please contact us at 086 111 0009. We look forward to helping with all your insurance needs!


MiWay Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Key benefits of MiWay Insurance

The ability to purchase a short-term insurance policy online in under 15 minutes. Paying through EFTPOS also means you have access to your money right away. And there’s no need to visit an insurance company or bank branch; you can get everything done from home. 

MiWay Insurance is all about convenience and affordability, which is why we offer some of South Africa’s most competitive rates for personal life insurance policies. Compare our rates with others today! We don’t charge any extra fees or commissions, so you can be sure that what you see is what you pay. You also don’t have to pay anything upfront – it will be deducted from your premium at renewal time.

Payment options for MiWay Insurance

Paying for your MiWay Insurance policy online is secure and convenient. We use a third party to handle all card transactions, so you can be sure your information is kept safe at all times. You have three payment options: one month, six months, or 12 months of insurance. Please note that it is not possible to pay with cash as a valid credit or debit card must be used to complete a transaction. Cash-only payments are however accepted over the phone (0860 010 000). Additionally, you may also purchase the additional cover at any time during your policy term.

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Online help center

MiWay Insurance provides 24/7 online customer service. Customers can log in to their account anytime to look at their policy details, make or cancel a claim, download an ID card, and much more. The company wanted a simple but effective design for its Help Centre that would be easy for customers to use.

There were also specific guidelines for how MiWay’s logo should be presented across all of its customer touchpoints, including online. To make sure everything was consistent with MiWay’s brand guidelines, it asked Whitespark to create a mockup of what the MiWay Insurance help center page might look like on its website so they could test different designs before building out any code.


MiWay Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Download MiWay Insurance App

MiWay insurance app allows you to select a policy, submit information, take a picture of your driver’s license, and pay for your policy via electronic fund transfer (EFT) or credit card payment. They also have several payment options including AutoPay which requires no action on your part as they will automatically deduct payments from your account.

You can renew policies through their website and they include both active/inactive drivers coverage. MiWay Insurance offers all drivers up to R1 million cover against third-party liability in case of an accident involving them or any vehicle registered in their name at a very competitive price. Terms and conditions apply.


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