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 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

is a first-man or woman shooter sport for the Wii and the PlayStation Portable. It is an installment in the lengthy-jogging Medal of Honor collection of World War II games. Each model became constructed from the floor up for its respective machine. The Wii model became announced at Nintendo’s E3 2007 Press Conference on July 11, 2007. It might not be bought to people underneath 18 in Germany because of its non-existant USK score. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is about in World War II, beginning on the Normandy seashores seeking to control German bunkers after which flow directly to cozy a village somewhere in France.

This is the second one Medal of Honor game to be released for the Wii. The first was Medal of Honor: Vanguard. As properly, it’s far the second Medal of Honor sport to be launched for the PlayStation Portable. The first changed into its predecessor, Medal of Honor: Heroes.


1 Weapons

1.1 American

1.2 German

2 Characters

3 Plot

4 Campaign Levels

five Multiplayer

five.1 Deathmatch

five.2 Team Deathmatch

five.3 Infiltration

5.4 Online leaderboards

five.Five Arcade mode

6 Reception

7 Video Gallery

eight External Links




M1911 Colt. 45

MK II Grenade

M1 Garand

M1903 Springfield (as Sniper Rifle handiest)



M1/M9A1 Bazooka



Gewehr 43 (as Sniper Rifle handiest)


Model 24 Stielhandgranate

Karabiner 98k




Lieutenant John Berg

Captain Lasry


The participant takes the function of Office of Strategic Services operative Lieutenant John Berg. The sport has 8 missions (seven in the PSP version) and is primarily based on the Battle of Cherbourg. Weapons encompass the Thompson submachine gun, MP40, M1 Garand rifle, Karabiner 98k, M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, STG 44, M1 Bazooka, Panzerschrek, Luger P08, and M1911A Colt .Forty five Automatic. In the campaign mode of the game, the player can use German stationary guns, along with mortars and MG42 system guns.

Campaign Levels

Beach – Storm the beaches of Normandy and breach into the heavily fortified German base.

Sink U-Boats – Destroy several U-Boat submarines within the German-occupied port.

Destroy the Guns – Find and break German Anti-Air defenses before the Allied bomber squadron arrives.

Through the Sewers – Search and damage the German underground base within the sewers.

Monastery Assault – Assault a German-occupied monastery and capture precious information.

Downed Agent ( Wii one-of-a-kind ) – Search for the downed OSS Agent in the bombed metropolis.

Destroy the Train – Destroy a V2 Rocket positioned in a small village’s trainyard.

Base Demolition – Infiltrate into the name of the game base and sabotage the German’s V2 Program.



The Wii model of the sport features as much as 32 gamers in one server, with six maps and 6 uniforms, three for Axis and 3 for Allies. The uniforms for the Allies are “Ranger’s 2d”, “Ranger’s 4th”, and “Ranger’s 5th”, whereas the Axis uniforms are virtually “Axis Rookie”, “Axis Regular”, and “Axis Elite”. There are 3 special online multiplayer modes available. The PSP version is absolutely same in phrases of multiplayer capabilities. The Australian version of the game has no multiplayer mode at all, which has been the challenge of lots criticism. EA Australia & EB Games Australia have also recently removed all references to the multiplayer aspect from their web sites.

EA’s legitimate response to the dearth of multiplayer for Australia turned into: “Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for Wii does now not assist on-line functionality in Australia. We made an blunders within the documentation and marketing substances. We are very sorry to have brought on confusion for our customers. We will offer a refund to each person in Australia who needs to return the game to EA due to the lack of on-line functionality.”

EA Australia has declined to touch upon why the web element of the game changed into left out from the game, which has led recreation web sites to invest that the agency did now not deem it profitable to host the local servers vital for low-latency sport play.

There are modifications made to weapons within the multiplayer mode, including the STG44 and BAR each have a miles slower firing rate and lower damage stage, and the Bazooka does no longer need to be stationary to fire. The M1 Bazooka replaces the Panzerfaust found in the Campaign for each aspects.


Each participant need to kill as many players as viable whilst additionally attempting to be killed as little as feasible. The score is equal to the player’s kill to demise amount (wide variety of kills – number of deaths = rating

Team Deathmatch

Each participant belongs to a group of either Allies or Axis. The team need to try to kill participants of the opposite crew. The team’s score is determined via the number of enemy players the crew kills. Team kills subtract a kill from the player, even as suicide kills most effective take away one point. At the cease of the spherical, the crew with the highest rating wins.


Also referred to as seize the flag, this mode entails two groups and the objective is to scouse borrow the opposing team’s flag as frequently as possible. At the quit of the round, the group with the highest quantity of a success captures is the winner.

Online leaderboards

The chief forums, supported through EA Nation, encompass 10,000 proven ratings. To gain ratings, one need to have more kills than deaths.

Arcade mode

The Wii model of the sport has an Arcade mode that permits the game to be performed in single-player as a first-character rail shooter.


Game Informer – 6.Seventy five

GameRankings – Wii: 74.4%, PSP: sixty nine.55%

GameSpot – Wii: 8/10, PSP 7/10

IGN – eight.Four

Metacritic – Wii: seventy three%, PSP: 69%

NGamer – 72%

Nintendo Power – 8/10

Official Nintendo Magazine – 78%

X-Play – three/five


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