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Apex Legends 4 is an online first-person shooter game that was released by EA Sports for Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PCs, and Macs in 2016.

Apex Legends

Main Character in Apex Legends Game:

Thegameplay of the series revolves around five major characters namely Jaina, Zalabar, Draven, Sohretan, and Volstagg. These are the main protagonists of the video and they fight against other world rulers or terrorists to defend their country from destruction and to become the most powerful nation so far with resources. Their enemies include Emperor Palpatine and Cinder. Currently, there are seven playable heroes in thegame that includes four classes named Artyr, Bastion, Makkari, Vombe, Karukoraka, Karratha, and Druk.

Story of Apex Legends 4 Game:

The story of this franchise starts from Darkside where one day a group is attacked by another group. They all go into hiding fearing that they might be killed or captured. Later Zalabar joins his friends to defend himself against the attack. He also plans on taking vengeance on Zalf. During the fight, Zalabar loses the ability to use arrows and he gets injured while defending himself against Zalf’s army which can stop him. However, Zalf manages to save his soldiers.

Apex Legends

 Before long the enemy forces retreat and Zalf takes the upper hand and prepares his troops for battle. While Zalf and his companions leave, Zalabar fights alone since it seems that nobody will help him. At night, however, the champions return since they have gone out to escape from the siege between them and Zalf’s armies. After a moment Zalabar realizes that he won’t get the upper hand and he turns back toward his comrades.

To save his comrades he gives away all of his gold coins which they later find out that was stolen from him. The next morning he sees Karakaraka and his men. As soon as he arrives in Karakaraka, the two champions fight amongst each other as Karukoraka wants revenge for the loss of his fellow champion. He then attacks Zalf’s camp aiming for Zalf’s treasure trove as an act of retaliation.

A huge boulder appears just before Eardrum which leads to the death of Calabar. Many years ago Karukoraka had become the protector, leader, and defender of the Champions. But now he wants more power and prestige to make himself king over everyone. To achieve his goal he orders Zalf’s followers not to let anybody near the Champion’s tent. This incident becomes known later when Zalabar is assassinated after losing his battles since nobody can handle the constant attacks and people die.

His last wish is to save Zalf and bring peace so the war could start again. All these events happen till early 2018, but the last event took place earlier this year. An accident leaves Azra and Tarik dead after being hit by a rock. Soon enough Teralis and her son Aria start fighting amongst themselves as she blames Zalf for the death of Aria. Following this incident, Trails begins hunting down Zalf’s army.

Apex Legends

Playing  Apex Legends 4 Game

Zalf tries to cut off Teralis’ ears to prevent them from going ahead with Barataria’s plan to take advantage of Azra’s lack of experience. However, Zalf fails since he suffers injuries while trying to protect his ears. Meanwhile, Trails kills Barataria’s henchman and comes back stronger than ever before.

With encouragement and support from Azra, the final push is launched and the last battle ends when Ymir escapes Zalf’s army and destroys Zalf’s entire army. Most of thegame ends at Barataria’s castle where Zalf returns home. One of the features that helped me play thisgame is the customization option. You can choose anything you want to customize your character. You can change skin color, hairstyle, height, facial expressions, etc.…

You can go through different outfits and wear different clothes. Playing all these customizations makes a positive impact on mygameplay play as well as helps me learn how to play. For example, if I am playing a male character wearing black clothing, I can customize his body size so that I look like that in real life. It would also help me better understand the different tactics that I use.

Apex Legends

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