Top 10 Fashion Brand Ads That Will Make You Want to Shop Free

Top 10 Fashion Brand Ads

If you’re interested in fashion brand ads, you’ve probably seen some of the ads your favorite clothing brands have created. Sometimes they display an outfit or several outfits; other times they’re witty, informative, or just plain strange. Here are 10 examples of different types of fashion brand ads and how they can catch your attention and make you want to shop.

Top 10 Fashion Brand Ads

Following are the top 1o Fashion Brand Ads

Seamless ads

Even small fashion brands’ ads can have a large budget for ad campaigns. Here’s a quick look at ten of today’s most creative ads that have brought these companies their fair share of attention and revenue. Enjoy! Advertising is an important part of business, but it can be difficult to make it interesting enough to stand out from all other marketing material in our minds. If you’re thinking about hiring an advertising agency or making your campaign, take a few notes from these designers and see what you come up with.

Some might argue that ads like these are art, but they still sell clothing. It may not be quite as good as real art, but if it’s effective then why not use it? Art isn’t everything – we’re here to make money after all!
As fashion changes over time so do our interpretation of what is beautiful, acceptable, or even fashionable in general.

Disruptive ads

During September, fashion brand ads seem to be popping up everywhere. With more than ten new fashion brands coming out with at least one ad each in September, it’s no wonder why people are so enticed by them. While not all of these ads are as successful as others, there is still a lot that can be learned from studying their successes and failures. Here are some examples of fashion brand ads you might have seen recently.

They range from conservative fashion ads to shocking fashion ads—but they all have something unique about them that made them memorable. These are worth checking out if you want your advertising campaign to be truly disruptive. And, who knows? Maybe your clothing brand will make an appearance on our list next year!

Outrageous ads

The trick of a great ad is that it captures your attention. Most fashion brand ads are pretty tame, but you see something that makes you stop and take notice every once in a while. This feature collects some of our favorite outrageous ads from years past. These advertisements will get you thinking from social commentary (Comme des Garçons) to clever self-deprecation (Donna Karan). What’s your favorite? Share with us on Twitter @Fashionista.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour does not approve of pajamas as formal wear — unless they’re haute couture, which appears to be what Topshop is wearing here. Does anyone else think Rihanna looks like she could hurt someone? See all 10 outrageously over-the-top fashion brand ads. Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.

Cute ads

A recent survey found that women find bunnies, puppies, and adorable kids more relatable than humans. 72 percent of American female internet users believe an animal or child can be beautiful. These consumers – plus others who would like a break from ads filled with overly airbrushed and sexualized models – may appreciate a fashion brand ad featuring cute children or cute animals. KLM Airlines took advantage of these insights when it released one of its first non-advertising tweets in 2012.

Fashwave ads

The fashion industry is known for pushing boundaries, and when they get it right they can be truly inspirational. Here are some of our favorite fashion brand ads that will make you want to shop! Click here to see more fashion brand ads
This text shows a picture gallery. Each image links to a page with additional information about each ad campaign or trend in advertising. To see what’s being sold on each site simply hover over an image or click on it if you have a mouse cursor.

Skinny ads

Studies have shown that women typically prefer images of other women in advertisements. Sometimes, companies will hire professional models, but others have turned to ordinary (i.e., real) people to help sell their products. While some bloggers are known for their fashion sense, others may not be as well-known—but still can influence your clothing purchase. Skim through these ten fashion brand ads that could inspire you or make you think twice about going shopping soon!

Low-key ads

Some of our favorite fashion brand ads don’t show you anything. They’re low-key, just like that jacket your coworker wore last week. And it was cool—so much so that when you got home, you did a Google search to see where he bought it. Turns out he wasn’t wearing an actual jacket; he was wearing an ad.

The art of subtlety can be very effective in fashion marketing and advertising, but not all brands have mastered it yet. Here are 10 fashion brand ads that will make you want to shop
Fashion brand ads keep customers on their toes, often generating buzz with minimal effort when done right.

Public service announcements (PSAs)

They’re a really old concept—the UK had its first one in 1923 and let’s not forget that PSAs have been used in radio, television, and film for decades. But if you’re not familiar with them today, think of PSA campaigns as commercials that are designed to encourage viewers or listeners to make different choices in their everyday lives. Here are 10 examples of fashion brand ads that will make you want to shop! The following 10 fashion brand ads were created by either celebrities or artists who participated in Art is Beautiful – an annual event hosted by Virgin Media.

Lyrical ads

When it comes to creating a successful fashion brand ad, it’s important to go beyond just showcasing what you’re selling. Lyrical ads tell a story and evoke an emotion that makes consumers want to learn more about your brand and make a purchase. From Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign to Kit Kat’s Have a Break ad, lyrical ads are both catchy and memorable. Check out our list of 10 fashion brand ads that will make you want to shop!

Nonlinear ads

This digital campaign by fashion label Stella McCartney plays on pattern recognition and is an interesting twist on fashion brand ads. By placing an image that depicts a different outfit in each window, visitors are forced to move their mouse around to view all of its contents. This kind of ad makes use of an art technique called trompe l’oeil or fooling the eye. Viewers can easily get lost clicking through a nonlinear fashion brand ad like these.

Conclusion of Fashion Brand Ads

Take a look at some of these incredible examples. Whether they sell high-end brands or everyday brands, whether they sell expensive clothing or affordable, every ad featured here grabs your attention and makes you want to learn more about what’s being sold. While not all of these ads are true fashion brand ads by definition, they each display elements and qualities that any aspiring fashion brand advertiser should emulate if they hope to have success with their campaigns in time.

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