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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider:

The shadow of the tomb is playing a large part of our childhood has been spent playing video games. Whether we’re happy to admit it or not, almost every game made after 2001 was a big step up from where they started in 1999. Video games are everywhere. They make life fun, help us learn new things, and play them hard. But the one quality that these games do provide is replayability.

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider


Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Game Old Levels:

We get to rewatch old levels over again because now we know what happened there all along. There are countless hours of content packed into this one pack. It’s an addict’s paradise, I guarantee you. This type of immersive storytelling can turn even seasoned players who have already beaten every mission can find some hidden gems and memories here.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is my favorite  Game :

These adventures and puzzles offer something for anyone looking for more time in their favorite franchises. And while most are very easy to complete, others will require more thinking than your average gamer. As mentioned above, Lara Croft fans have always enjoyed getting lost in that world of hers. So when she sees enemies and obstacles come her way once more, she wants to show herself it’s possible to fight back and reclaim the freedom this franchise has promised.

Now Lara is ready to take on yet another adventure. Her next mission will be taking down Zonk, the ultimate enemy of stealthy assassins like Ezri Mawel and La Sirena. With the completion of that single mission, Lara discovers much of herself. At first, she struggles in combat but eventually becomes comfortable enough for a few minutes at each corner of battle. Once that happens though, Lara finds she has no idea how to use or handle certain items in general. She soon learns the key that unlocks each item, which changes everything.

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Package of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider:

The package itself isn’t as complicated as other packs, but they do still have quite a bit of material to go through when unlocking certain activities. For example, Lara needs to open each box and discover what she’s missing. From then on out, she can easily solve all sorts of different challenges. You may need to climb several trees into a tree trunk or wait for the right moment to drop off a chest, before completing a given activity. Sometimes tasks have multiple paths that you can follow, so learning that everything begins with finding the correct path for the task may seem intimidating at first.

However, once you’ve mastered this part of exploring any level, these types of puzzles can quickly become easy! Each puzzle provides a unique challenge that is completely customizable – and that’s exactly why we love them so much. Take Lara, for instance, she’s never quite sure about a particular route leading to a boss area, until she gets to a point where that route seems obvious. She has no doubt done this many times before, and can confidently say “I’m getting to my goal, so let me try!” She does just that but quickly learns that every player is different. Some players go straight to their goals. Others look around and see what they can find.

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Shadow of The Tomb Raider Game-Play:

While others choose between two different branches that could potentially lead to a second destination. Whatever your preference is, the number of surprises and difficulties you’ll encounter during your exploration will make this game worth the effort. Not only is this an incredibly satisfying video game, but also a great pastime, since you’re making choices that affect the fate of other characters in the game. When you finally conquer Zonk, the game will give you a little extra satisfaction for finishing a complex objective with success.

That is no small thing, as the ending is where Lara truly gains her reputation. If she defeats him, he’ll make a deal with the shadowy organization and get a job working alongside her. He’ll give her free reign to roam her lands and kill everyone that stands in her way. In return, she can gain access to the rest of his inventory, including his powerful weapons, armor, clothing, and gadgets.

After defeating him, however, Lara joins him in hunting down every last remaining member of Zaquilain’s gang to ensure he can stay alive and avoid capture by its methods of keeping a lid on that organization and protecting its resources. She’s already proven she knows what she’s capable of doing as well. Now she wants her revenge against the man responsible for killing her family, but the stakes are much greater than ever. Lara wants to bring justice to the people who did her so many years of training.

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shadow of the tomb

Then finally the reward comes, the treasure that belongs to her beloved sister Abigail: an artifact called the Amulet (a sort of amulet that appears only once per person). Abigail has long since vanished, leaving Lara alone with her mother. The Amulet isn’t as difficult of a task as the Zonk Boss boss (which takes most of the focus) and offers a lot of room for interpretation. On top of taking care of you, of course. While not being able to go back and forth between the ways to earn money and gaining access to your home, the Amulet brings both of these ideas together in an incredible way that allows you to build a strong bond with your character.

Even better though, it makes accomplishing these objectives easier for your fellow Lara fans. Having the option to start and end the process with one Amulet opens up the possibility for multiple possibilities for the progression of your hero. It makes earning a decent living much easier. To finish the article I’ll review a couple of strategies that can contribute to winning fights, but I think they take away from the enjoyment of the game that so many of you bring to it.

First on my list, don’t forget to read this link in the description since it will teach you exactly how to win at Zonk, and gives you plenty of tips on using Zonk. Next week, I’ll cover the various traps you can utilize to beat opponents at this level. My final recommendation to help you progress in this game comes with a bit of luck. If you want to find yourself in a good position in this game, you must know when to jump and jump to avoid falling.

You might find yourself dropping your hands onto the ground and twisting yourself into a weird shape while you jump, but this is exactly what you get when trying to leap from side to side. What can help you when you feel like this? Well, if you’re a beginner, maybe you have a natural talent for climbing. I’ll talk more about that in the future, but it’s a skill you should learn. Last, but certainly not least, read this article explaining the importance of having good stamina and speed in combat.

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shadow of the tomb

Ever Play Like Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Game:

You may have played combat games for the entirety of your high school career, but sometimes your health might be suffering from exhaustion. Especially if you got your butt kicked in school and left half of your body under house arrest. Luckily, many combat styles have additional abilities that allow you to heal faster and/or improve strength faster. While it might take some practice to master these abilities, you must know them whenever you do experience trouble while performing feats such as jumping and climbing.

Overall combat is very rewarding and entertaining. Like all good stories, though, there are downsides. One is that some enemies are hard to overcome and harder to destroy. More, a lot of the time, you can lose track of everything else. Thankfully, Lara Croft doesn’t fall victim to either problem, because most enemies are relatively simple to defeat when approached properly. But some aren’t so easy to put down. Still, you’ll die as time goes on. Fortunately for your liking, there are plenty of options to boost your chances of surviving your first death. Thanks for reading. Please leave any comments below.

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System Requirement Of Shadow of The Tomb Raider Game (Minimum):

Shadow of the tomb raider game requirement for a player is given below.

CPU:                                                       i3-3220 Intel and AMD.

OS:                                                          Win 7 with 64 Bit Operation.

HDD:                                                       40GB.

DirectX:                                                   9.0.0.

Video G-Card:                                        Nvidia GTX 660/GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon HD 7770.

RAM:                                                         8GB.

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