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God Of War:

God of War Free Download Full PC Game direct link available to download. Just download the god of war pc game and be ready for a ride full of action and fantasy. Also, see the god of war is so apkandro. The god of war pc game download has very high graphics.

God of War

Ascension Introduction of Game:

God of war 1 download the game created by SCE Santa Monica Studio. and given by Sony computer entertainment. This game features an excellent storyline. supported a strong son who is legendary for his wrath of god within the war. The Spartacus are thought of to be the foremost violent and deadly individuals in war.

The story of this game is all on the brink of shielding his town. and a few wherever there’s a spice of revenge in it. It’s not simply an easy war against some individuals. there’s magic concerned. and a few creatures that you simply may need ne’er seen in any quiet game. These deadly creatures don’t seem to be straightforward to beat, not even by this God of war ascension pc. thus you would possibly want some specific armor to kill a selected creature.

The player controls the character of Kratos in the combo-based combat and puzzle gameplay elements. The gameplay is very different from the previous games as it has been completely rebuilt. One of the major changes is that Kratos no longer uses his double-chain swords, the Blades of Chaos, as a default weapon.

Instead, he uses a magical battle-ax, called the Leviathan ax, which is imbued with ice element magic. The ax can be thrown at enemies and magically summoned to your hand, similar to Thor Mjölnir’s hammer.

Key Features Game

1.            Following are the options that you just are ready to expertise once taking part in downloading the game ascension.

2.            Excellent graphics.

3.            It has outstanding sound effects.

4.            Updated with New armor and weapons.

5.            Featuring new enemies and creatures.

6.            Great storyline full of fantasy.

7.            Graphics looks real.

System Requirements of a Game:

1.            To Pay for the game’s Free Download you need to meet the following PC requirements.

2.            OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

3.            Intel Dual Core 2.1 GHz processor

4.            RAM: 2 GB

5.            HDD: 2 GB

Download Full PC Game Direct Link

Click on the following download now button to start downloading God of War. Also provides a PCSX2 Emulator setup so just download and play.

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Who is the god of war?

And the ancient Greek god of war, or more correctly, was the spirit of battle.

Can I download God of War on my PC?

God of War for PC is available both on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Is this Kratos Ben Zeus?

Throughout the Greek era of the series, Kratos was portrayed as a Spartan warrior, who became known as the “Ghost of Sparta” after accidentally killing Kratos’s family due to Ares’ trick. …Kratos is finally revealed to be a demi-god and son of Zeus, who then betrays him.

Is Atreus a god?

He reveals that he is cursed and believes that Kratos doesn’t love him, but instead is told that he is a god by his father. After Atreus learned of his divinity, he became arrogant, cocky, and reckless, boasting that they could do whatever they wanted.

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