HDFC ERGO Insurance: The Best Way to Protect Your Home

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HDFC ERGO Insurance: The Best Way to Protect Your Home

The HDFC ERGO mobile app lets you access policy details anytime and anywhere on your smartphone. Explore nearby network hospitals and garages through the HDFC ERGO Insurance app, check your health card, track claim status, find answers to all policy inquiries, and many other benefits.

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We’re always looking for ways to give you the best mobile app experience possible! The new version of the HDFC ERGO Security App provides the next level of convenience with an improved user interface, easier login, and the addition of new service and convenience.

HDFC ERGO Insurance App Features:

1. A unified vision of policy and claims

2. Find locations based on geographic location associated with Google Maps for cashless hospitals, network garages and branches.

3. Link new policies and ERGO Non-HDFC policies.

4. Instant access to towing and ambulance contact data

5. Check the health card and email.

6. Branch contact information and customer service is available at your fingertips.

7. Product information and frequently asked questions

8. Fitness discounts for health policy users

9. Book an appointment with your doctor, find a diagnostic center and connect to over 7000+ cashless hospitals.

10. Remote clinic with online consultation


1. Claim registration and tracking.

2. Synchronize data and get updates at regular intervals.

3. Get new prices and buy policies.

4. Renew policies and set renewal reminders.

5. Request a service to change the policy details

6. Check renewal premium.


1. Login using a registered mobile phone number.

2. Tag and store important documents with E-Locker.

3. Get regular fitness advice.

4. Get insight into how you drive with Safe Drive.

Permission required:

1. Contacts / Phone – Add / Call an emergency contact with “HDFC ERGO Insurance Mobile App” to your phone’s contact list

2. Camera / Storage – To take a photo or select a photo from the gallery to claim, upload photos to e-Vault and other modules.

3. Location – Show nearby location services such as cashless networks and other modules

4. Overlay – to show cross-app notifications while in app preview and to avoid unnecessary notification status bar.

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HDFC ERGO General Insurance is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd. And ERGO International AG, the main insurance company of the Munich Re-Group. The company offers a range of general insurance products in the retail space, such as auto, health, travel, home, and personal accident insurance, and customized products such as property, marine and liability insurance in the corporate space.

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